2020 has been nothing short of bizarre. Surprising, exhausting, eye-opening, frustrating, and yet somehow…hopeful. I’ve spent more time in the word and in prayer than I ever have. I’ve spent more time with my precious family than I ever have. It’s been challenging and sweet and everything in between. Somewhere along the way, during afternoons […]


Back to School and a Promise

Aug 24th


First – A note to my conservative readers. Thanks for being here! Below, you’ll find images of me in a bra top, similar to a bathing suit. You’ll also see images of me in the birth pool. My legs, hips, and belly are shown in dark water. All private parts are hidden. Whew! If words […]

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Scotty Rhett – A Home Birth Story

Jul 16th


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly heard me talking about my love for Monat. The products are incredible…but you already knew that. Today, I want to talk about a super fun tool that I equip each of my team members with when they join and that’s a CONTENT SHOOT. “What is a […]

Monat Photo Shoot


Christina’s Content Shoot and Why You Need One Too

Mar 05th


We’ve seen SUCH a transformation in Carolina’s hair over the last 20 months. She always had really lovely color and a hint of shine (healthy diet, vitamins, and minerals!) but good gracious, I was just convinced that her hair would stay thin and whispy forever. Take a peek at a few images of her hair […]

Healthy hair for kids

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Healthy Hair for Little Ones

Jan 28th