Creating content for your small business is more important than ever. With more and more businesses suffering and even closing due to the pandemic, entrepreneurs are having to completely rethink their marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the game. Needless to say, the need for fun, relatable, and professional images that speak to […]

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Creating Content With Laura Neil Fine Art

Mar 08th


Friends, these two lovers are already married and this session was last Spring. That’s how behind I am on blogging! I suppose that’s what happens when you have four babies at home during a global pandemic for a year…but I digress… Shawna has been in my life for well over a decade. Through the ups […]

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Shawna and Ryan’s Engagement Session

Mar 01st


In this season of my healing journey, I no longer deal with shame. The shame was painful and awkward, but the Lord took that from me. I know who’s I am. The guilt was heavy and still creeps in from time to time, but the Lord is gentle and reminds me that HE paid the price so that I don’t have to.

It’s regret. Always regret. 

Katie McGihon Blog Regret

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Thoughts On Regret

Feb 15th


You might remember Cami and Sean from their Casa De Cody wedding in Palm Springs several years ago. Or perhaps their Joshua Tree Engagement Session rings a bell. These two are the sweetest of souls and they’re growing their family…again! I had yet to spend time with little Finley so this session was extra special. […]


McChesney Family Portrait Session

Feb 10th