It’s been several years since I’ve shared (or even selected) a “word of year” for myself. To be honest, the last year I can really recall doing this was in 2017. I chose brave as my word and set a goal for my business to reach $100,000 of gross income.

That year, the Lord called me into full-time, vocational ministry. I was brave, indeed, but that $100,000 goal was abandoned in a jiffy. If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans right?

I’ve spent the last several weeks working through my Powersheets (get yours here!) and words like “intentional, simplify, relationships, bloom, and create” kept coming up. These are all great things to focus on in the New Year but they just didn’t challenge me enough. I felt the Lord calling me deeper than that, deeper than “blooming where I’m planted” or “creating every day” or “simplifying my home or schedule”. Those things are incredible tools and intentions for some people but I’ve walked through those seasons before. My season is different. As my faith has grown, as my capacity has stretched, so has my season.

My word for 2022 is change. I think so many of us have spent the last 2 years resisting the inevitable change we’ve seen happen all around us, myself included. I’ve dug my heels in and longed for normalcy time and time again. This year, I’m leaning into change. For me, change is less about character and more about habits, thought patterns, ways of doing things, health, and so forth.

It’s an undoing.

It’s about examining every part of my life and truly asking, “Is this working for me? Is this working for my family? Is this healthy for me? Is this healthy for my family?”

One example would be my migraines. The treatment I’ve been using has been largely ineffective for 2 years and I just resigned myself to the fact that I would suffer from migraines for the rest of my life. That has to change. I started a migraine elimination diet and cut out caffeine. This change has been a huge challenge and has led me straight to Jesus in prayer more times over the last week then I ever thought it would. Caffeine withdrawal is REAL, friends. I was not OK…but I digress…

Change is hard and it’s in our nature as human beings to resist, to take the easier path, to stick to what we know. However, what happens when what we know isn’t working for us? Perhaps it isn’t harming us, but it’s also not propelling us forward? I refuse to continue along a path that isn’t propelling me toward something greater.

I wasn’t called to mediocrity. I don’t think you were either.

SO, who’s ready to change with me?


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