We’ve seen SUCH a transformation in Carolina’s hair over the last 20 months. She always had really lovely color and a hint of shine (healthy diet, vitamins, and minerals!) but good gracious, I was just convinced that her hair would stay thin and whispy forever. Take a peek at a few images of her hair before.

The crazy thing is that we were doing everything “right”. We used quality hair-care products, we brushed and braided her hair each night so that it wouldn’t be tangled, she ate well, took supplements ETC. I tried products targeted toward kids, grown-up lines such as Redken and Paul Mitchell. I couldn’t figure out why her hair just wouldn’t thicken up and grown well. It turns out that those other products, while considered “luxury” brands, were coating her hair with silicon and all sorts of other junk that was inhibiting it from being it’s beautiful, natural self.

It wasn’t until we finally started using Monat’s Junior Line that we finally saw her hair turn a corner. What a massive transformation! Her hair started to grow in thicker within a month or two and it is SO shiny. People stop us everywhere we go to tell me how soft and shiny her hair is. We’ve been using Monat on her hair for 20 months and her hair just gets better and better. I can’t keep my hands of off it – it’s just so soft!

We use the shampoo, conditioner, and detangler every day. Every now and again we add in the Restore Leave-In Conditioner…for those days when she’s played really hard and we need just a bit more help in the tangle department.

That’s it! My secret to healthy hair for your kiddos. 🙂 Your products really do make a difference, friends. If you’ve been around here for any length of time then you know that we are healthy eaters, we juice, take supplements…the works. This one, small switch made all the difference for our girl.

Shoot me an email at hello@katiemcgihon.com if you’d like to chat about getting YOUR kiddo’s hair healthy, shiny and soft.

Healthy Hair for Little Ones

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