If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly heard me talking about my love for Monat. The products are incredible…but you already knew that. Today, I want to talk about a super fun tool that I equip each of my team members with when they join and that’s a CONTENT SHOOT.

“What is a content shoot?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked. You see, when girls come to me and they’re ready to jump in, launch a new business and join my team, we celebrate. Woohoo! We strategize about a launch, make lists of people to reach out to and come up with a social media strategy. However, while an engaging, educating and thoughtful caption is always the best place to start, most people don’t have a library of professional (or even semi-professional) imagery to pull from. As much as some people hate being in front of the camera, it is so important to show your face to your tribe, let them know that there is a real person behind this little business you’ve started.

That’s where I come in! I gift each new member of my team a free content shoot for their social media/business use…and it’s SO much fun. We work together to create a mix of “home” imagery as well as on-location shots that are a bit more playful. While mentoring and coaching these ladies is of the utmost importance, equipping them with this special tool can really make all the difference. It’s one of the things that makes our team so special and one of the ways I can use my gifts to serve them well.

Take a peek at a few of my favorite images from Christina’s recent content shoot. It was such a blast and the photos reflect her personality so well.

Do you need a content shoot for your own small business? I’d love to chat with you! Shoot me an email at hello@katiemcgihon.com.

Christina’s Content Shoot and Why You Need One Too

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