We spent a wonderful afternoon with Nikki and Vince last week; laughing, sweating together (it was 106 degrees!) and capturing more than a handful of gorgeous images during their engagement session in Palm Springs. This was actually the first time the four of us had met in person, and let me tell you, we were all just meant to be! We can’t wait for their wedding this coming April. Many thanks to the Korakia for allowing us to explore and shoot a bit! My heart is so at peace there. palm-springs-engagement-session-1 palm-springs-engagement-session-2 palm-springs-engagement-session-3 palm-springs-engagement-session-4 palm-springs-engagement-session-5 palm-springs-engagement-session-6 palm-springs-engagement-session-7 palm-springs-engagement-session-8 palm-springs-engagement-session-9 palm-springs-engagement-session-10 palm-springs-engagement-session-11 palm-springs-engagement-session-12 palm-springs-engagement-session-13 palm-springs-engagement-session-14 palm-springs-engagement-session-15 palm-springs-engagement-session-16 palm-springs-engagement-session-17 palm-springs-engagement-session-18 palm-springs-engagement-session-19 palm-springs-engagement-session-20 palm-springs-engagement-session-21 palm-springs-engagement-session-22 palm-springs-engagement-session-23Film Scans: Richard Photo Lab

Nikki and Vince’s Palm Springs Engagement Session

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