If you’re a business owner then you know how important an incredible client experience is. Your work/product can be top notch but let’s be honest – your clients want more than that. They want to know they’re more than just another number on an invoice. Client gifting is a great way to up-level your client experience and I’m really excited to share about a darling company I’ve partnered with that takes client gifting to the next level.

Meet Greetabl! Greetabl is my new go-to gift for clients and I’m just loving everything about it thus far. Greetabl offers a simple, adorable and personalized solution for client gifting. I’ve just started incorporating Greetabl into my workflow and let me tell you, it’s a game changer. My clients are loving them and Greetabl has made it so easy (and even enjoyable!) to personalize and send gifts.

Greetabl is a darling box that ships directly to clients with a gift of your choice inside. You can also upload your client’s images and a special message that will be printed inside the box. How fun is that?!

ALSO, one of my favorite features is that the images are perforated and made to be torn out of the box and kept. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the idea of my clients placing these little cards in their purses, taping them up on the bathroom mirror….just another thoughtful way to get their images out of their computers and into their lives.

My first Greetabl came with confetti…so I figured I should just throw it around the office to celebrate this great, new find for my business. If you’re a small business (or big business!) owner and need a thoughtful gift-giving solution, I hope you’ll give Greetabl a try! It’s a no-brainer, friends. Cheers to client gifting made simple!

Use code “katiemcgihon” for 15% off your first Greetabl order!

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post. Using the links or codes provided may provide me with compensation at no additional cost to you. All content and opinions are my own. 

Client Gifting – Simplified

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