October 31, 2018

A Letter To Carolina On Her 5th Birthday

Lina girl, today, you’re 5. Today, the world will dress up and trick-or-treat and enjoy mounds of candy and while we’ll be doing the same, this day is forever special for us because of YOU. You’re beautiful, feisty, a cuddle bug, curious, talkative, funny and more. You feel all of your feelings, let all of us know about it and I’m proud of you for that. Mommy could learn to be more like you in that way.

You don’t know this, but you saved me. You saved me and your daddy. Your birth brought healing and hope and trust where there was little of those left. You were the breath of fresh air that we needed in our little family, and in our bigger family as well. I see so much of your daddy in your eyes, your soft cheeks, your matter-of-fact disposition and the grumpy looks you give me. Oh, how you both scowl so similarly. It makes me smile!

Thank you for melting into me still, for needing all of the snuggles and kisses. Thank you for holding my face in your hands. Thank you for wanting to be picked up and held still. I will hold you for as long as I physically can. Thank you for still loving silky blankets. Thank you for the joy on your face when I come home from work, the store…anywhere. Thank you for a million joyful things that make you, you.

We didn’t know we needed a third baby but Jesus did. I’ll praise Him for you forever. Happy 5th birthday, Carolina Tru.



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