Today people are celebrating World Autism Awareness day. We are not “celebrating”…and we are fully “aware”.

While our journey to heal Aden’s autism has been a long one, it has been a successful one. We are very blessed…many parents can’t say the same. We attacked our baby’s disease with biomedical and behavioral treatment and, thank the good Lord, he responded well.

Aden still holds his diagnosis. We see glimpses of rigidity and sensory issues every day and his little body is incredibly sensitive to environmental toxins. We still deal with a little boy who shuts down. We try not to stop him when he flaps his hands each day or when he is particularly spastic on the baseball field because the massive lights above him are over stimulating. We try to be patient when he repeats a phrase over and over and over and over and over…

Below is a excerpt from my personal blog about our journey into Autism 4 years ago.

Autism is not a Developmental Disorder (shame on you, school districts). It is not a Psychological Disorder (shame on you, Psychologists).

Autism is a NEUROLOGICAL Disease. Specifically, a NEUROTOXIC Disease. Our children’s brains have been poisoned, and each child’s poison is manifested differently, with varying levels of severity. Some children are born with a weakened immune system. When we are pregnant, we expose out babies to toxins. We have ultrasounds, and a flu shot, or take medication to stop our pre-term labor. There is no way to know your child’s immune strength in advance. Then we immunize them when they are born. Then we spray for bugs, then we put delicious smelling lotion on their bodies, then we feed them baby food from a jar instead of making or own with organic produce, then we microwave their bottle, then we immunize them again, then we brush their teeth with toothpaste full of fluoride, then we clean the house with chemical cleaners, then we give them an antibiotic because they have another ear ache, then we see a rash, then we put more delicious smelling lotion on, then they have diarrhea, then the DR says, “it’s from the antibiotics” because the DR is ignorant and doesn’t see that the rash is caused by an over growth of yeast in your baby’s gut that is caused by too many antibiotics. The your baby slowly become pale because the yeast is eating holes in his gut and he is leaking out all of his nutrients. Then you immunize him again, and you think that he may die from it because he’s so ill that he can’t lift his little blond head up. Then you take him to urgent care twice and back to the DR twice and beg them to make him better. Then NO ONE will write in his chart that he is having a reaction to his MMR and you want to SCREAM. Then you think he is getting better because he is running around and playing once more, but he isn’t getting better. The poison is spreading. He starts repeating your words, obsessively. He is obsessed with his routines and the way things look. He opens and closes doors until you force him to stop. He stares at lights and out windows. His body is still with you but he is gone, somewhere far away. You clap your hands to bring him back. He lines up his cars. He lines up his blocks. He lines up his animals. He lines up his entire life because he can’t tell you that his brain is falling apart. You have no idea. Then someone slaps a label on him. Then you ask your pediatrician what you can do medically that will help him and he says, “NOTHING”. Then you…

Then you…

Then you…

Then you…

Then you….want to die….because someone has told you that you can’t help your son.

This is Autism.


If you have questions about autism, biomedical treatment, vaccines, natural health care and recovering your child from autism, I’d love to hear from you.

  • Lin Erickson - Love you and love your babies. Forever in my heart! Wish I was there to hug your little boy and don’t think I take his hugs for granted. I remeber a time when he didn’t want hugs from a strange relation he barely knew. I cherish each hug he gives me because I know what it means for him to trust me enough to show me (a cousin he sees maybe once a year) affection. It warms my heart in way I cannot describe and I feel so special. You have taught him to trust. You have taught him to love. You and Scott are amazing parents and I love you all so so much!ReplyCancel

  • Hailey - Appreciate you writing this post. XoReplyCancel

  • McCall Lauren - My daughter has been diagnosed with Autism for about a year now. I’ve been doing the wheat free, dairy free, and additive free foods diet. As well as adding a special daily multivitamin and probiotic/prebiotic. She also takes fish oils and I’m using essential oils on her. Progress is VERY,VERY slow, but sometimes i am given glimpses of who she really is. i have to cling to those memories, and never compare, for thst truly is the theif of Joy. and when you have a child with Autism Joy doesnt come so easily. I HATE THIS DISEASE!!! It has taken everything from me, and Somedays I just don’t know if I can keep doing this. One day she will say my name again, one day she will know me and one day I will have the privelage of knowing her. One day We will laugh together cry together or just sit and hold each other… One day can’t come soon enough.

    Thank you for your sweet post. Moms of children with Autism are breeds of their own. We have a strength that is beyond measure.ReplyCancel

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