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I was searching for a place where my paycheck would match my hustle, where I would be properly compensated for my precious time. I was searching for a place with a ground floor opportunity, with world class products, and a team of leaders that could take me to the next level. I found all of that and SO much more. We aren't pushing product at our friends and family. We aren't having in-home parties. We're building business, shaping our futures and changing out lives in the process. 



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Meet my family! My husband Scott and I have been married for 16 years. He's stood by my side for better or worse and I love him endlessly. We have 3 lively children: Aden, Ava and Carolina Tru. They make everything more beautiful. They're the reason I push my business to the limits, so that I can give them the world. We reside in sunny Indian Wells, California. 

My Family

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