Happy 2020, friends! The start of a new year is so inspiring. I don’t know about you, but I have all of my goals sorted out, action plans in place and the most joyful outlook for the future. I couldn’t always say that in 2019 so I’m grateful to be in this place, Scott by my side.

I have a few updates for you so let’s dig in.


First and foremost, in case you’re not on social media and didn’t see the announcement, we’re adding another Little to our family this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!! And nervous…and all the things. 4 babies. FOUR. All I have to say is that Jesus writes very surprising and redeeming stories. He is so faithful to us.

It’s been a tough pregnancy but Scott has taken the absolute best care of me. I feel wiggles and kicks every day and the babe kicked Scott’s hand just a day or two ago. It’s so special that he is able to feel baby moving already.


This year, I’ve decided to simplify my offerings and lean strongly into what has always brought me the most joy and profitability – and that’s photographing people.

This means that I’ll be stepping away from passive income, retiring my presets and focusing solely on being face to face with clients. I’ll be offering wedding, engagement and portrait photography. Passive income was a nice little form of revenue for the business but it always felt impersonal. The tech involved, the platforms to run and host products, the profit-driven nature of it all…it wasn’t something that lit my heart on fire. That being said, I’m grateful for the income we generated and the lessons we learned but it’s time to move on and simplify. You’ll see these changes reflected on my website and social media in the coming days.


Monat has become such a surprising and fun part of our lives! Not only do I have a team of women surrounding me who are rooting me on and pushing me to go all the way but GOSH – my family has such great hair, too 😉 You can read my story of postpartum hair loss and regrowth here. That post also includes the exact products I used to help regrowth my hair.

Monat also has some really exciting opportunities this month. If you join my team as a Market Partner with the next 10 days (and I really hope you do!), you can qualify for a booster pack full of our best selling products-say what?! I love the way this company is always giving and blessing it’s partners. Shoot me a text or email at hello@katiemcgihon.com to learn more.

Also, I’d love it if you’d consider hosting a party with me! You can earn full-sized products of your choice and our parties are a blast. What better way to start the New Year than with gorgeous hair and a little get-together in your home?

OK, friends. That’s all for now. Wishing you all an incredible New Year!

New Year – New Direction

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