August 21, 2018

Meet Zach – Our Lead Videographer

I’m sure by now you’re just dying to know more about Zach, am I right? We decided to do a Q&A with our lead wedding videographer to help you get to know him better! He’s pretty great, we can all agree on that! Let’s jump in and learn more about the man behind the camera…interview style.

What made you want to join the KMP team?

Katie and I have known each other for a while, and have worked together on a handful of video projects at church during that time. I found, in those moments, that we spoke the same creative language. Ideas came easily, and then the video shoots were even easier. All that said, when it was brought up that Katie would be adding Video to her services and offered me the role on the team, it was an easy choice to get on board.

What draws you to videography and what is your videography experience? What do you feel you bring to the team as Lead Videographer? 

Video has been a hobby of mine for a long time, but my passion really sparked from finding the real stories among members of the church. Everyone has a story, and what I love about making videos is finding the joy in someone’s life and really putting it on display. I also love the idea of helping other video creators hone their own skills and talents. I wouldn’t be where I am today if someone didn’t point me in the right direction and help me understand what I was trying to do, and I want to do that for others as well.

Tell us why you think videography is important on a wedding day, but also families.

 Recently my mother was given the Super 8 footage that my Grandpa filmed when she was very young. It was like a time capsule of her childhood. The most incredible part was that I got to see my Grandma, who died long before I was born, laugh at her baby shower, open presents at Christmas and play with my mom. Videography at events isn’t just important so you can watch something again in 5 years and remember a fun day, but for your great grandkids to watch back and see you on some of your best days. Video is a way to preserve your best memories and pass them on.

Tell us about your family?

Let’s just say I married way out of my league. My wife, Katie and I started dating in high school and after 7 years together I finally got the courage to ask her to marry me. 10 months later we were married, and a year later came our twin boys Bentley and Greyson. My family means everything to me. The boys are almost 3 now and it’s been an incredible blessing so far, and you bet I’ve got a lot of it on video!

Katie McGihon Photography and FiIm

Coffee or tea?

Way too much coffee.

Morning person or night person?

Can neither be an option? I really enjoy sleep.

Movies or books?


Whiskey or wine?


When you’re not shooting we can find you…

Playing with my boys, or playing music.

Favorite movie?

Men In Black, because it’s a classic. More recently I really enjoyed Arrival.

Favorite food?

Milk and cereal. Literally any time of day or night.

Your Enneagram type?


A secret talent?

I can ruin even the easiest meal. You’ve never had worse Mac and cheese than mine. Hence milk and cereal every day.

We love you, Zach and can’t wait to see what this journey hold for us all!

Katie McGihon Photography and Film

Images by L and B Photography



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