Spring Break 2014

Parents-rejoice! Just a few hours left of school and then our beautiful kiddos will be home for Spring Break! I’m excited to spend some quality time with my little  family of five. Things will be quiet on the Facebook/email/blog/Twitter end of things but I’ll be quietly editing away (in my pajamas….with coffee).

We may or may not be sneaking away to our happy place this coming week…follow me on Instagram if you’d like to keep up:)(@katiemcgihon).katiemcgihon-1katiemcgihon-2katiemcgihon-3katiemcgihon-5katiemcgihon-11katiemcgihon-13katiemcgihon-12katiemcgihon-4katiemcgihon-6katiemcgihon-7katiemcgihon-9katiemcgihon-8katiemcgihon-10katiemcgihon-14

PS has anyone seen the alarming number of black crows that hang around the entrance to Disneyland at sunset? Creepy.

Scans: Richard Photo Lab


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